Thursday, August 6, 2009

I give in

Ok so I've finally decided to start one of these blogs! I've been meaning to for a few weeks but am just finally getting around to it. I hope that this will be a way that I can keep everbody up to and get some random thoughts out of my head.

I'm so excited about the next phase in my life. I can feel that God is going to do some pretty crazy awesome things through me and for me. I'm getting all situated in Tuscaloosa ready to start Graduate School....yeah, I know scary! I had no idea this was going to be where I would end up 7 months ago. I was trying to figure out what was next for me after getting my degree, but couldn't seem to figure anything out. Finally after months of being stressed out I decided to give it God and let him just show me what I was suppose to do. I guess you could say the rest is history. I was looking up stuff on the internet and somehow ended up on UA's Graduate School page and decided why not apply. It was a long shot honestly, but I met all the requirments and decided to take the shot. I had no idea of the whole idea was just a random thing that I decided to do or if it was really God leading me; so I prayed that the Lord would give me a sign.....A week later I was approached to become a peer counser at a local crisis pregnacy center. I took that as a sign that maybe social work was something the Lord was leading me toward. Then a few months later after giving it totally up to the Lord, I recieved the "big" envelope that said I had been accepted! God has found ways to encourage me and confirm on my heart that this is exactly what he has in mind for me. I'm nervous about the school work. I'm not very smart; so I'm hoping that my passion to help people and the call that I feel on my heart will be enough to get me through the classes.

In other news, I was looking up volunteer places on the internet the other day in Tuscaloosa and found something called "Youth for Christ" and so I applied for it. Then yesterday I recieved a call to meet with the director of it! I've prayed about it and feel like this might me an opportunity for me to continue to counsel and mentor teenage girls which is something I'm really coming to love to do! That is another example of how God is confirming to me that these are the plans he has for me.

Welp until next time!


  1. Yay! You have a blog! lol. And yeah, God is going to do great things through you in Grad School! Let us know how the Youth for Christ thing pans out! :)

  2. Welcome to blog world. I can't wait to hear about your adventures in T-town, you are going to love it!